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my name is erica leigh firenze. born and raised in california. i'm italian and mexican. my best friend lives in maryland. i'm obsessed with joan jett, the beatles, & vampire weekend. im sorta kinda in love with the office. i like to let it be. ☮ ♡ ♫
THINGS I DO.. Part Four

When I drop food that i just got…

When i see a funny video about puppies or kittens…

When i get an F on a test…

When i’m imitating two people fighting..

When my dad starts singing along to Lady Gaga in the car…

When someone’s lecturing me…

When my mom goes to the store and comes home with yummy snacks..

When i get excited because i got B on something and the person next to me goes out of their way to tell me that they got an A…

What i’m afraid will happen when i am getting something in the trunk..

When someone tells me a joke that isn’t funny..


When i drop something and it stains the rug..

When i’m sitting at home watching Disney Channel…and enjoying it…

When I can’t find something i swear i just saw yesterday..

When that one girl says a stupid answer and is confused why she was wrong..

What i want to say to teachers…

When no one is home i sing in the shower..loudly..

When someone tells me that i’m just lonely..

The second i hear the bell ring at school..

When someone calls me a bitch.. except i enjoy using the phrase poophead instead of whore..

When someone makes an insult to me..to my face..

When i realize something after 5 minutes…

When the teacher says you’re taking a test on the reading..and you didn’t read…

When there’s a ton of my favorite shows on in a row..

Whenever i watch the notebook..

When my friend points out a hot guy..

When i open the fridge and there’s nothing good in it..

When the teacher makes a kind of funny joke but not really..

My reaction to any stupidity what-so-ever..

When my friend and i have a really successful and cool looking high five..

When i’m about to go to bed then realize i forgot to grab something downstairs..

How my insults sound in my head..

How they really sound..

When i found out summer school is 6 hours long..

When i hear the words studying, for, and finals..

When a teacher says my joke is inappropriate..

When me and a friend attempt a staring contest..

When i see the gymnastics people on the Olympics and imitate them..

When my friends and i try to play hide and seek in Wal-Mart..

When i see other people’s lunches..

When i see my lunch…

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